cheap pure gold bars from East Africa

Gold Refining

Refining precious metals means separating valuable gold from other “waste” materials. This is our work. Our chemists use a proprietary version of the “aqua regia” method. This method is used by most of the refineries in the world and was improved by our engineers to deliver the required results. Our state-of-the-art refinery using cutting-edge technology and the professionalism of our employees ensure the best and highest purity of gold. We deliver this with pride to our customers.

Gold Smelting

As the leading gold refinery in East Africa, we offer a full spectrum of smelting services to customers across the region.

We specialize in smelting gold through Electric Induction Furnace. This environmentally friendly technique enables us to convert large lots of gold into grain, or smaller category bars of various sizes and purity levels. Our expertise allows us to convert gold according to the client’s request, while assuring the highest degree of quality and accuracy.

Our state of the art facilities coupled with our expertise enable us to simultaneously process huge lots of gold while ensuring the highest quality standards and the shortest turnaround times at a very competitive premium.

Gold Assaying

The responsibilities of our laboratory are gold assaying, metal analysis, and research and development (R&D).

Assaying monitors the quality of the metal throughout the refining process, determining the fineness of gold. Our assaying technology includes traditional fire assay as well as spectrometry. All material arriving at the refinery, whether doré or scrap, is melted and samples are taken. As a general rule, each sample is divided into three parts, one for our customer, one for ourselves and one for arbitration, whenever deemed necessary.