Sourcing gold from East Africa Gold Mining means that you do not have to go through the arduous bureaucratic and sometimes difficult process of documentation and verification. Given our extensive knowledge and contacts on the continent, means acquiring all the necessary permits and documents will be a smooth and fast process saving you valuable time and money.  Teams of our dedicated staff are always available to handle and solve all queries in the gold sourcing process.  Therefore contact us now for all your gold bullion needs.

We sell gold in small and large quantities to buyers globally. We are a One-Stop Company with a Full Range of Services from Mining, Processing, Refining, Certification, Marketing, Testing, Storage, Export and Transportation. We have developed a network of related Service-providers that enable us to fully satisfy our clients without the client lifting a finger. In addition, we offer logistical support to our clients in form of Visa Acquisition, Inland Transfers and acquiring all necessary Export Licensing, so that your procurement is stress-free and seamless.