Please read through these procedures carefully before contacting us. 

1 PRODUCT: Au Gold Bars

2 PURITY: 96% +

3 ASSAY: Final Assay to be made at the Buyer’s
Designated Refinery

4 QUANTITY: [To Be Determined]

5 PRICE: $42,000 Per Kilogram, FOB [Buyer’s Destination]

6 CURRENT LOCATION: Kampala, Uganda

7 PORT OF DEPARTURE: Entebbe, Uganda

8 PAYMENT: Wire Transfer

9 PACKAGING: Safe Metal Export Boxes Suitable for Air Freight


A) Seller issues FCO which is then signed and returned by the Buyer.
B) Seller issues Sales & Purchase Agreement which is reviewed and signed by both Buyer and seller.
C) The Buyer or Buyer’s representative will travel to Uganda for table meetings and the inspection of gold, while in Kampala the Buyer shall witness all processes involved for the smooth transportation of the gold.
D) The Sellers nominated Clearing Agent shall submit an invoice covering Government royalties, Insurance, Freight, Documentation, and Professional (Agency) fees, (local charges totaling to 7%) to the Buyer for the agreed quantity.
E) Buyer shall either pay cash or wire the money directly onto the Clearing Agents’ designated bank account.
F) Once the Clearing Agents’ invoice has been confirmed paid, the Seller and Clearing Agent commences with the logistics for the freight of the gold and in maximum of 04 days; the Seller and Clearing Agent shall have delivered the gold to buyer’s agreed refinery.
G) Buyer and Seller travel to agreed buyer’s refinery to test and confirm the purity of the gold. The Buyer pays the assay costs at the agreed refinery.
H) The Seller shall send all the associated documents to the buyer 72 hours before the cargo reaches the final destination including Commercial Invoice, Insurance, and Certificate of Origin, Export Permit, Ownership Certificate, Customs Clearance, Airway Bill.
I) Final Payment, which will be less the local costs incurred in Uganda, shall be paid not exceeding 72 HOURS from the date of final assay report from buyer’s refinery
J) The Buyer is bound to pay for air tickets (first class) and accommodation for the sellers for all the time they will spend at the buyer’s destination.